Thursday, 28 February 2013



This is My first entry in this new blog after a long long time. ummm, kaknik has gone to hatceri, nadia still sleep, and me? feeling alone i guess. Well, im just done hantar video tribute my late friend, mira, dkt someone that really2 miss her. Yeah bro, i miss her too. Miss her so damn damn muchhhh. *I hope u know we alwayssss love u mira*

Tomorrow is the starting of new month. March. This feb month are really hard and tough for me. It Start with I came to sleep at mira's places, we went duty together, we outing together, we buy the same things together, we spend time muchh together, till the day mira holiday are started, means that mira gonna went home. you know what mira, seeing you going back, i feel sad. all of sudden. a week without you, yes i do feel alone. deep in my heart, i wish you to came back soon. But i didnt expect that the day u came back is the last day all of us see u. That moment, where it begins, i'll never forget. and Ya Allah, Seeing u in hospital with that condition,I, *sigh* ....... . 

And now, its been a week since ur gone. And my life now feels totally different. i prefer to be alone, i used to be close to anes before, but now, i dont feel like going to close with anybody. and i dont feel like going to go out and having fun with my classmates anymore. because, wherever i go, it reminds me of you. there's many memories of us friend. studying in Sabah, with having no family here, need to be independent here, u and nadia were the one that always give support and help without im realizing it. And i know, Semua orang terasa dengan kepergian kau, mira. terasa sangat. and for me, it feels like im losing my twins :(  

Mira, i just want you to know, you brought changes when you came to my life, and when you leave, it also bring changes on me. But you dont have to worry, there's kaknik, nadia and kak ani. we will take care of each other :) All our planning & dreams together, me and nadia akan try utk tunaikan. two of your wish kami dah tunaikan :) Alhamdulillah. and you, just remain peaceful there. 

and,.... Nur Amirah Syakirah Jamsari, you will always be in my du'a. I love you till jannah friend.

p/s : aha I'm looking forward my secret that u told kaknik before u leave. *i miss you*