Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It hurts :'(

Ya Allah,
kau kuatkanlah semangat aku ini,
kau jauhkanlah aku dari sebarang penyakit yg memudaratkan.

I thought it was end already. 
Berakhir sudah.
Tapi kenapa sakit ni tiba datang2 balik?
Not as teruk as before,
but still can cause pain in my chest,
hard to breath once again,
but can be controlled.

and to prevent that,
i can only go to sleep.
It reduce the pain a bit.
before this, the pain comes sekejap sekejap only
and now, most of the time 
but still, i can hold the pain infront of others
I have to be strong
I am strong
because i'm not sick at all

and this shaking body of mine really freak me out.
would you stop shaking?
I hate it
seriously i hate it

Please go away all the pain
I hate it

Sakit itu kafarah dosa.
Beerti Allah sedang memberi kita peluang untuk mencuci segala dosa2 kecil kita.