Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Slowly return.

This past two weeks really tough on me.
Really tough :/
All of a sudden,im losing the spirit. and i've being attacked. 
Attacked by what?
I keep on having a chest pain, hard to breath, and my whole body systems shaking without a reasons this lately.
I even feel hard to sleep.
If i can sleep, i kept on dreamt of something like a ghost or mengerikan.
for the chest pain,
I even went to pusrawa, do an ECG test.
The result is???????
Doc said everything is fine, and it is just a hyper ventilation syndrome.
Is it true?
Me myself also dont know.

What can i only do now is be strong. I have to.
My inner side have to be strong, not for others but for myself.
And im really trying on it right now.
I'll slowly gettin back on the track, for the future, InsyaAllah.
I'll slowly increase my appetite, get to normal back, InsyaAllah.
I'll slowly fill my empty heart, with my Taqwa, InsyaAllah.

InsyaAllah, jika Allah mengizinkan. Ameen :)

To mama abah, sorry  if i let u guys down.
i know i shouldnt say  i want to quit  study.
Its not me saying that actually.
and Alhamdulillah now im gettin better.
Its also from your Du'a that makes me return :)
I love you mama abah ;)
and I know u guys do miss me. kann? ecececeh.
Do wait for me to come back, Raya, InsyaAllah :)

To umi and kakak, sorry,
 bcos im always be the one who trouble both of you.
im always sick, im always itu, im always ini. hmmm
I didnt mean that, truly sorry from me.
and thank you also for always taking care of me.
i do appreciate it.
i dont know how to repay both of u, but surely Allah will :)
and i also lovin both of you as well.
words are hard to be describe, 
but HIM knows how deep my love towards  umi & kakak.
Te amo ;)

friends there, 
you have to know that we here always miss you love you.
GIve us strong yayang :(
Al fatihah..